SKM Aeronautics talking about SoftSlide Technology: Friction Management Solution

SKM Aeronautics talking about SoftSlide Technology: Friction Management Solution

Our partner SKM Aeronautics give us the opportunity to know more about the SoftSlide Technology. Read a bit of SoftSlide: Friction Management Solution

The challenge of SOFTSLIDE project was to introduce a new technology for molded rubber seals embedded with 3DMicro-Texture on the seal surface to improve seal performance, mainly friction and wear and without increase of the unit production costs.

The main task and motivation was to obtain up to 20% friction reduction; however during the development process, the tests and measurements clearly indicated that more can be achieved. Tests conducted on seals off the first 3DMicro-Textured mold achieved Friction Reduction of 30%, and the most interesting point was that the degree of Friction can be Controlled during the design stages.

The second task and motivation was to obtain the first motivation without changes of the rubber compounds and without changes of the counter surfaces that comes on contact with the seal. These 2 motivations forced the SOFTSLIDE team to jointly develop, design and produce a new type of Seal Surface – the SOFTSLIDE surface

Our main finding is that friction can be reduced or increased via 3DMicro-Texturing of the seal surface. This finding opens the possibly to pre-define and control the friction. Technically a mirror structure of the desired 3DMicro-Texturing seal surface was precisely engraved on the tool cavity by an advanced 3DMulti Axis Laser System, resulting a precise texturing onto the seal surface during seal moldings.

One most important conclusion resulted in the change of the project perspective is the fact that the partners focus was no longer on a specific type of seal and now the team offer comprehensive service:  Friction Management Solutions – FMS

The partners realised that their real strength is the unique ability of SOFTSLIDE team to jointly provide a comprehensive and efficient friction control process solution that includes: analyses, design, engraving, seal production and test verifications, which can be simply embedded onto seal surfaces with endless applications and according to customer’s specific requirements.

Yuval Erez. Joint CEO. SKM Aeronautics.