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Main objective

The overall aim of this project is to introduce and deploy to the moulded parts manufacturers a new textured plastic parts mass manufacturing process for the production of low price textured seals for industrial applications.


(Pictures by TDM-Seals)

Technical objectives

The technical objectives of the project are:

  1. Optimize and scale up the SoftSlide technology components.
  2. To set quality control procedures to guarantee the accurate texturing of moulds curved complex surfaces and the mass production of dynamic textured seals.
  3. To optimize application and curing procedures for the coating and renovation of sol-gel release coatings on curved complex mould surfaces including UV and thermal curing processes.
  4. To define application, renovation and maintenance protocols for the industrial implementation of texturing during moulding processes reducing maintenance stops in a 15% for standard processes and allowing the operation of texturing during moulding processes for two shifts.
  5. To produce micro-patterned molds for real dynamic applications including patterns in a 50-400 microns range with an aspect ratio under 0,5 and patterns density lower than 50%.
  6. To produce 5 mold prototypes for real dynamic seal applications and validate it mass production manufacturing processes.
  7. To evaluate energy efficiency and durability enhancement translating the values in LCA and LCC terms.



(Photographs by ML Engraving and Reagent)

Commercial objectives

The commercial objectives of the project are:

  1. To protect project’s results.
  2. To provide a new business line in mold texturing for textured dynamic seals mass production.
  3. To build a commercialization plan in collaboration with European Plastic Manufacturers Associations, including the final costs and market prices of the SoftSlide Technology that allows to achieve a penetration share between 15-25% of European dynamic seals market in the five years after first commercialization.
  4. To provide a new business line in sol-gel thin film high performance release coatings for moulded parts production.
  5. To provide the automotive, agricultural and general industry with a tool able to reduce their energy consumption up to 18%, to reduce costs and comply with energy efficiency.
  6. To expand SKM portfolio on dynamic seals adding an innovative solution for wide range of applications.
  7. To expand ML Engraving commercial activity to dynamic seals manufacturers producer.

(Photograph by SKM)

Growth objectives

The growth objectives for the consortium in the first five years of commercialisation of SoftSlide are:

  1.  After five years of product commercialization, turnover is expected to be 60 M€, EBITDA of 19,9M€ and 35% ROI for dynamic seal manufacturers with 300 jobs created.
  2. For SKM turnover is foreseen to be 4,3 M€ with an EBITDA of 0,89 M€, a 35% ROI and the creation of 21 jobs.
  3. For Reagent turnover is foreseen to be 1,7 M€, with an EBITDA of 0,28 M€ and 26% ROI and the creation of 9 jobs.
  4. For ML Engraving turnover is foreseen to be 2,7M€, with an EBITDA of 0,52 M€ and 33% ROI and the creation of 14 jobs.
  5. ITAINNOVA and LUH are foreseen to generate technological services activity of 250.000-350.000 and 3 new PhD´s jobs each one as direct consequence of the SoftSlide project.
  6. Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment end users will be benefited by 3315 M€/year energy savings and 33150 M KWh/year.



(Pictures by LUH and ITAINNOVA)