7 Work Packages

SoftSlide work structure is broken down into 7 Work Packages. WP1 covers administrative and financial management as well as the coordination of technical and risk management activities. This is crucial to ensure the achievement of the goals in the most efficient way and according to EC requirements. Beside this, the project proposal is divided into two different domains: development activities to perform the industrialization and operational validation of SoftSlide technology to TRL 9 technology (WP2-WP4) and financial, environmental and socio-economic analysis to support the product market uptake (European and non-European) according to life cycle methodology. (WP5-WP7).

WP2 will cover the activities to: optimise sol-gel release coatings formulation and production, optimise laser texturing processes on curved complex surfaces and produce reference seal for the optimization of patterns according to de-moulding, durability and friction reduction processes.

In the WP3 maintenance operations, quality control processes to ensure accurate texturization of complex surfaces and accurate transfer of micro-patterns during molding processes are defined.

WP4 is focused on the final industrialization, testing and validation of textured during molding seals and its durability and friction reduction validation. WP5 is focused on IP protection issues and activities to exploit the project outcomes, while WP6 will be focused in the elaboration of the overall Business Plan for the project and in the definition of the Commercialization plan to ensure the success of SoftSlide on the market.

Finally, WP7 will focus on Dissemination and Communication activities, always in close coordination with WP5 and WP6.

(Picture by ITAINNOVA)

Partners responsabilities

ML Engraving joins Reagent and SKM. in SoftSlide project to complete the industrial supply chain required for the mass commercialization of textured dynamic seals. These latter, once integrated into hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, will increase energy efficiency and operational life of devices and parts.

ML Engraving is responsible for the production of micro-patterns into complex curved surfaces. Reagent will manufacture sol-gel thin film release coatings to enhance de-moulding processes and prevent fouling of textured surfaces during industrial manufacturing.

Both features enable the continuous moulds utilization for two shifts (16 hours) without the need to implement cleaning operations. From its side SKM will supply the market with a range of textured dynamic seals for hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic actuators and hydraulic pumps and motors and will provide the consortium with a high market-visibility thanks to their strong commercial force in Europe. ITAINNOVA and LUH, non-industrial partners contribute with the necessary technical excellence and resources to optimize the process and evaluate technology benefits.

(Picture by ITAINNOVA)