SoftSlide: End of H2020 Project – Begin of Commercialization

SoftSlide: End of H2020 Project – Begin of Commercialization

The 24 of October 2019, SoftSlide partners had the final meeting of the H2020 Project in Madrid, Spain. The meeting was an opportunity to share the final state of the SoftSlide Project and to evaluate the work accomplished during 30 months. All partners enjoyed the facilities of Inspiralia. Final deliverables and reports were extensively discussed with great achievements done by all partners. As planned, SoftSlide is ready for the market. Commercialization of the SoftSlide technology with the “Friction Management Solution” start now. First customers from different markets begin to know the benefits of the SoftSlide technology. If you work with rubber seals & moulds and you have problems with Friction, SoftSlide can be your solution.

New release agent – SolGel with improved performance, efficiency and LCA

New process for laser microtexturing in complex curves surfaces with industrial equipment

New mass production of textured rubber seals for NBR, FKM, EPDM, Silicone, ….

Up to 15% energy savings depending on final application #energyefficiency

Up to 40% friction reduction and wear #sustainability

Extended life compared to non-textured Dynamic seals #durability